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Day 1:

· Welcome & HPE Gives Humanitarian Effort Update
· CAPE strategy/Priorities + Q&A
· HPE Geo Marketing Leads present: Sales & Marketing Priorities, Highlights, Lowlights, Key Actions
· Public Sector Update: Marketing Initiatives & Recovery Funds
· Digital Sales and Marketing Analytics (HPE Internal Only)
· Welcome Back + Introduce our next presenter: AMD – Our Diamond Sponsor
· Our Diamond Sponsor presents: AMD Focus and Marketing Stacks and Sustainability

AMD Joint Planning Sessions:
· Joint planning AMD: Channel
· Joint planning AMD: HPC/AI
· Joint planning AMD: SMB
· Meet & Greet the Sponsors: Transmission, Nvidia, Veeam, The Marketing Hub, MRP

AMD Planning Sessions: Outcomes
· Welcome Back – Introduce our Platinum Sponsor Speaker
· Transmission Agency Presents…

Workshops x4 in parallel
· Workshop 1: ABM
· Workshop: SMB / Channel
· Workshop: Innovation for Customers
· Workshop: KPIs – How do we define success?

· Workshop Outcomes

· ABM and ABS Strategies + Best Practice Sharing

Day 2:
· Time to Network/Visit Exhibition Tables
· Opening Day 2: Highlights of Day 1, Intro Day 2
· Q&A Session: Rachel, Sarah – Moderated by David Head (Rachel + Sarah joining via MS Teams)
NVIDIA Presents…
· Best Practice Sharing – DACH: BSG/Data First Modernization Campaign
· Best Practce Sharing – NW Europe: First HPE & SAP CxO Hybrid Study Tour, E3, European Executive Experience
· MRP: Digital Marketing Innovation
· Best Practice Sharing – SEUR. HPE GreenLake Sales & Marketing Transformation Journey
· Best Practice Sharing – CERTA. HPE GreenLake for Storage Today Digital & SoMe Campaign
· Breakouts by roles & Transition back to Plenary Room
· Breakouts by roles: Partner Marketing Managers (PMMs)
· Breakouts by roles: Small Countries / All-in-ones
· Breakouts by roles: SoMe/Digital
· Breakouts by roles: Field Marketing – Larger Countries
· Breakout by Roles: Take-Aways
· Sales & Marketing – Better Together!
· Closing Remarks / Thanks for attending

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